Congratulations ! You've found us, and can learn more about our Christian congregations: what it is we do and why, and how you can get involved. I'm Rev Lynne Mack Ordained Local Minister for these congregations taking care of all pastoral work - and below is Val Rose the current Interim Moderator during the vacancy An easy way to contact us is to use the CONTACT PAGE button in the header. If you are need information about weddings funerals or baptisms, find the drop down list below 'WORSHIP'.

Lynne Mack

Normally you can join us for worship
on a Sunday
at 10.30am.

20th January 2019

will be conducted by

Isolation is a real danger to health and well being which our congregation is combatting.
If you want some company, conversation and a cuppa then
is just the thing....
Tuesday 10.30 - 12.00 at 43A Balkerach St, Doune

The 3F Group

The next meeting is on Tuesday 29th January 2019
when the Speaker will be Carolyn Goss, who will talk on her work as a Local Registrar.