Gargunnock, Kilmadock & Kincardine-in-Menteith

Gargunnock Parish Church of Scotland                  Scottish Charity No    SC012154

Kilmadock Parish Church of Scotland                     Scottish Chariity No   SC012031

Kincardine-in-Menteith  Parish Church of Scotland  Scottish Charity No    SC000802

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I am  Val Rose and I'm the Interim Moderator during the vacancy.  If you need the Church - I'm your first point of contact for funeral care, arranging weddings and baptism or for

more information.

Get in touch by telephone on

01259 722958 or email me by using the 'CONTACTS' page - using the button above.

Interim Moderators act in place of a parish minister,

For more info about weddings funerals or baptisms, use the drop down list by clicking 'WORSHIP'.


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Welcome to the Church of Scotland parishes of Gargunnock,

Kilmadock (Doune & Deanston)

and Kincardine-in-Menteith 

(Blair Drummond)

stretching across the Carse of Stirling,

from the Braes of Doune in the north to the Gargunnock hills in the south,

and from the western edge of Stirling, each side of the A84, as far as Callander.


You will find more information about us, our communities,

our church and the Christian faith

on the pages of this website.

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You can also link directly to websites  which will help you discover what is going on, where and when, and how you can get involved.

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Data protection policy can be found under "Kirk Sessions"

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at Kincardine-in- Menteith  Church


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Sunday 10th


Covid -19 Restrictions allow







Gargunnock and



Following the Guidance set out by  the CHURCH of SCOTLAND we are not yet ready to

reopen the Church Buildings for  worship or meetings.



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There are many good reasons to Praise and to Pray for our Communities and our World so we have

given you access to Audio Recordings from last year and also details of how to access LIVE STREAMED SERVICES,


Click on the WORSHIP Webpage to get details of how to access these Recorded Services.  





There is also a page with maps if you go to the button

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 Apologies for no updates over the last two weeks, due to a technical fault.


 Hope you had a Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year when it comes alhough Covid-19 Restrictions will be tighter.