Gargunnock, Kilmadock & Kincardine-in-Menteith

Gargunnock Parish Church of Scotland                  Scottish Charity No    SC012154

Kilmadock Parish Church of Scotland                     Scottish Chariity No   SC012031

Kincardine-in-Menteith  Parish Church of Scotland  Scottish Charity No    SC000802

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I am  Val Rose and I'm the Interim Moderator during the vacancy.  If you need the Church - I'm your first point of contact for funeral care, arranging weddings and baptism or for

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Gargunnock Village Kirk















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are held  

on the SECOND and 


of the MONTH

at  10.30am,

following Covid 19

and CHURCH of

SCOTLAND protocol.


As Numbers are limited

pre-booking is


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Session Clerk

01786 860321

to check availability.




at 10.30am


An Audio Recording  

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is available - details

of how to access are

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Services are also

available via

Stirling Presbytery 

website OR

via the Church of

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 Gargunnock Parish Church serves the village and its farming surrounding's population of approximately 1000 residents situated some 6 miles west of Stirling.


The building itself is T shaped, with three galleries, each with its own external staircase, and has two beautiful stained glass windows which colour the sunlight as it streams through and across the congregation   on sunny Sunday mornings at 10.30am as young and old gather together for worship before going out into the parish to live the

Gospel there.


There has been a church here for a thousand years, although the one you see today is the result of several rebuildings over the centuries.


Gargunnock has character, displayed by flying our own flag and singing our own village anthem at the slightest excuse. We also boast the best village shop (2014) in Scotland, enjoy the fare of Gargunnock Inn, support our own village football team, and host the second oldest agricultural show in Scotland. We have a new Community Centre, a great Primary School and our own choir - The Gargunnock Songsters.


This is very much rural village life as people imagine, and the local Christian Church is part of it. Recently we held open conversations in the Inn called "Theology on Tap", and while pool was played at one end of the pub - prayers were being said alongside. Monthly prayer walks through the village have been a feature of the church's worship & witness and we are delighted when the church is used at Christmas for both the Gargunnock Songsters Christmas Carol concert and a Christmas tree festival - both which raise funds for charity.

We believe there has been a village church here for almost 1000 years The one you visit today was initially built in 1628

on a pre-Reformation foundation, altered in 1774 and again in 1891, 1950s and 1960s, each time improving the facilities. The T-plan kirk with three individual outside stairs to three separate lairds' lofts also has two good 20th-century stained glass windows, one attributed to William Wilson. Some of the chancel area woodwork including the War memorial behind the pulpit is by Robert Lorimer.

On one gable end there is an attractive bell tower with weather vane, a second has a traditional stone cross, and the third has a stone crescent lying on its back, about which there is very little knowledge.

From the steps leading up to the gallery on the southern aspect there is a mountain indicator as well as magnificent views over the Carse of Stirling.

The surrounding graveyard is well documented and information is available online at the Gargunnock website.



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