Congratulations ! You've found us, and can learn more about our Christian congregations: what it is we do and why, and how you can get involved. I'm Andy Campbell, - parish minister for these congregations and below is is Rev Lynne Mack who also ministers across the area An easy way to contact us is to use the CONTACT PAGE button in the header. if you are needing information about weddings funerals or baptisms, find the drop down list below WORSHIP. and don't forget our Facebook pages for up to the minute info.

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Lynne Mack


This Sunday:
20th May
Rev Lynne mack leads worship at 10.30am

We've upgraded our ability to welcome people and to communicate with them over the past few months, and we
continue to do so.

Don't forget that Gragunnock Agricultural Show is on Saturday 2nd June from 9.00am onwards through the day. A special guest of the church at the show this year will be our missionary partner who works in Nepal.
Joel Haverstein.
Come along and meet him