Congratulations ! You've found us, and can learn more about our Christian congregations: what it is we do and why, and how you can get involved. I'm Andy Campbell, - parish minister for these congregations and below is is Rev Lynne Mack who also ministers across the area An easy way to contact us is to use the CONTACT PAGE button in the header. if you are needing information about weddings funerals or baptisms, find the drop down list below WORSHIP. and don't forget our Facebook pages for up to the minute info.

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Lynne Mack

Here are some questions and comments made to ministers:

Will God still love my youngster if s/he's not "done"?
Of course He will. God is the lover of all humanity, even the ones we feel are unlovable. God’s love is universal and eternal. Through you He gave your child the great gift of life and He loves them just as much as you do.

I thought Baptism was about giving a baby a name.
Your baby already has a name…you gave them that name in love soon after, or even before, they were born.

If anything were to happen to them and they hadn’t been baptised ....
Don't worry so!
If we can understand that children are not of an age of responsibility; Don’t you think that the merciful loving God knows that too? God loves us, baptised or not. God is more interested in helping us than judging us !

......but Granny said.... Grannies and friends say lots of things about church - 40% of which is dubious if not plain untrue.

Before we go further, make a date to meet your local minister when you can ask all your questions about faith and church, and we can answer them face to face.