Gargunnock, Kilmadock & Kincardine-in-Menteith

Gargunnock Parish Church of Scotland                  Scottish Charity No    SC012154

Kilmadock Parish Church of Scotland                     Scottish Chariity No   SC012031

Kincardine-in-Menteith  Parish Church of Scotland  Scottish Charity No    SC000802

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I am  Val Rose and I'm the Interim Moderator during the vacancy.  If you need the Church - I'm your first point of contact for funeral care, arranging weddings and baptism or for

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This agricultural area has a rich history and interesting geography that combine to produce the landscape and culture that you see today in the 21st century. In days of yore the carse of Stirling, the plain between Balir Drummond and Gargunnock, to the south, was a great mossy bog through which the River forth flowed from west to east. The moss was some fourteen feet thick!

In the 18th century the enterprising landowner, Lord Kaimes realised that below the moss lay fertile soil that could be farmed, similar the soil and farmland that lies north of the carse towards Doune and Callander, and so he devised a plan, and employed hundreds of manual laboureres to dig out the moss to reveal the soil below. The moss was carried via drainage ditches, fed by the River Teith by means of a great water wheel,  towards the River Forth and floated away into the Firth of Forth ( clogging up salmon nets on the way and did the harbour of Stirling no good at all!).

Lord Kaimes was also responsible for the building of Deanston Mill which brought much employment to the area.


Blair Drummond Castle sits to the east of the church and is now home to the Camphill Community that cares for folk with learning difficulties, enabling them to make the most of life.

Many of the people who work at Camphill are volunteers who come from across Europe and the far East.

To find out more about Camphill Blairdrummond, click here



On the estate of the Castle is situated the Blair Drummond Safari Park where many visitors come to see and enjoy the many exotic animals, large and small, which are kept here. (click here>>>)






Close by is Brairlands Farm, another quality visitor attraction which has a cafe and playpark, including go-kart tractors for children. here too you can pick your own strawberries (in season), and learn about Scottish farming...and Yes there are farm animals around.  

                                                                                                 (click here >>>)

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